Dear Visitor,

you’ve reached our website and for whatever reason that may be, we feel honored to present our musical work.

We ask you to think of us as Human Beings not as musicians as there are already way too many, bearing that label, and most of them wrongfully. Human Beings on the other hand seem to have suffered an enormous decrease during the last few decades; especially the human part is left behind a lot. We’re pretty sure to be among the few remaining. Our names are Martin and Tahir, but you may call us “MyousicK”, which means to be addicted to music. We’re rather addicted to fresh, honest and rebellious music than to ever being called musicians. Since we’ve pretty much just started making music, we deliberately WON’T ask for your sympathy because of temporary amateurish behavior, like screaming amidst songs or succeeded attempts to create something different, which might not be heard and enjoyed. We don’t give a sh… since we do what we want, whether people like it or not. Once more, we don’t give a sh…, we do what we want, we do it here and now, with or without you. So to finish this statement:

Loosing is nothing to be ashamed of, however not competing is!

In the name of those we know and admire and
wish nothing but forthrightness and honesty

Tahir Tomac - human being              Martin Plaaß - fellow human being

R you sicK